Private Island

There’s an air surrounding “Drugs” that carries a nonchalant level of cool, casually not giving a fuck by who’s impressed or who’s not. Although, we can’t imagine many fall into the latter category. Just take a moment to drink it in. There’s an undeniable swagger to it, almost like it belongs in the opening credits of a sexy crime thriller, rife with scantily clad women surrounding an infinity pool that overlooks the twinkling lights of the Hollywood Hills.

Yes, SoCal-based Private Island certainly can tell a story with their music, both instrumentally and vocally. After seeing some impressive success with their last release, it’s not hard to understand why more and more indie music, blogosphere hunting music lovers are turning a keen ear over to this impressive six piece, embracing their vivid abilities.

Today’s premiere is simply encapsulating, brought to life by resonant percussion, sensual guitar riffs, and a groovy bassline. Laying on top of those are lyrics that leave you wanting more, frantically looking for the repeat button again and again.

Appropriately named, this tune, which drops on their EP in a few weeks, will demand your attention time and time again. Go ahead and give into the temptation. You won’t be disappointed.

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