Being the masked music loving ninjas that we are, there aren’t many times throughout the day that we’re left without headphones plugged into our surely damaged ears. For this blogger in particular, it’s a way to disconnect from what’s around and simply focus on the task at hand. In fact, it’s quite common to rock headphones while grocery shopping, walking through the mall, or even hustling through the city to another meeting.

However, as much as we love music, a lot of the time we wear headphones is simply because we want to tune out the environment around us. We’re all inundated with constant communication, whether it’s emails, IMs, texts, facebook notifications, tweets, phone calls, or just people coming up and conversing. While we certainly appreciate the communicative world we live in, it’s nice to tune life out, once in a while.

Here Active Listening promises to provide that ability, and so much more.

…Here acts as a studio in your ears by providing you with a volume knob, equalizer and effects to transform real world audio. Use this “remote control for your ears” to have an optimal listening experience every time.

One features that seems very promising for concertgoers are the possibilities they bring to a live show. The ability to boost or reduce bass, mids, and treble truly puts the listener in control. Any music enthusiast knows that sound systems and sound guys vary from venue to venue, and this eliminates the need to complain incessantly between songs. And what a blessing that will be.


Check out the product in action at Coachella from this year, then head over to their kickstarter and grab a discounted pair, before it’s too late.

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