Talented NY producers Mysto & Pizzi, better known for their “Beatmaking Wednesday” sessions on Youtube, have greatly improved in their progressive house productions over the past year. Their remix of EDX’s “Give It Up For Love” manages to maintain a graceful equilibrium between freshness and nostalgia. The first time I listened to this duo was years ago when they were still focusing on hip-hop remixes. They’ve shown their versatility time and time again, and trust me, this track DOES NOT DISAPPOINT. The pure filtered buildups, one progression building upon another, the emotional depth built into the synths, the vocal prowess of John Williams—this track leaves you feeling empowered, ready to go all night, and maybe, just maybe…giving it up for love.

Watch the video, it’s sure to make anyone that’s been to an EDM event sentimental.

“Give It Up For Love” was released 5/25 on Sirup Music and can be purchased on Beatport here.

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