Psy Fi
Prophets [TheMusicNinja Premiere]

Miles Ross comes in peace. Mr. Ross, who produces under the moniker Psy-FI, comes from a galaxy not so far away (Oakland, CA) with “Prophets”, a forward-thinking single from his upcoming future bass full-length release, Totality,out April 4th on Gravitas Recordings.

The “Arrival”-esque album cover prepares you for a large and impending event, and “Prophets” delivers. Psy-FI’s strong percussive backdrop, which has evolved over the years, puts the space-age soundscape of his synthesizers into sharp relief. Wide, shining chords take the fore during the drops, but they give way to undulating low-end bass in a bit of call-and-response. This atypical arrangement keeps you on your toes. Despite the presence of so many aggressive sounds, Psy Fi makes good use of the negative space in “Prophets”, always a tasteful touch especially with bass-heavy electronic music.

With “Prophets” as a preview, we thoroughly look forward to more of Psy Fi’s extraterrestrial offerings on his full-length release, Totality, out April 4 on Gravitas Recordings. You can score a $1 pre-sale copy of the record here.

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