Cosmo Sheldrake
The Moss

If you took a quirky folk vocalist and replaced the banjos and acoustic guitars with beats and synthesizers, you’d have Cosmo Sheldrake. Shit, we spoke too soon. There’s still a banjo apparent in his debut release, “The Moss,” but you get the idea.

Upon first listen to this playful tune, we couldn’t help but think of toothy-grin inducing songs like “Little Yellow Spider” from Devendra Banhart. Something about Cosmo’s folksy, story telling vocal style just brought us to those associations. The engaging, borderline ridiculous narrative is wildly infectious, but is bolstered even mores so by the inclusion of some barbershop quartet style harmonies that made us beam ear to ear.

Coming out April 21st on paradYse/Transgressive Records, this debut single from the UK-born multi-instrumentalist has definitely caught our ear. We’ll keep an eye out, and we suggest you do too.

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