Show Me

R.LUM.R (pronounced “are-luhm-are) is a newcomer you’re going to see a lot of this year. Putting out magic like this, there’s no way this project won’t explode. You’re hearing it here first– this guy is going to be HUGE!

Based out of Orlando, R.LUM.R is fusing soul, pop, R&B, and dance music in a way that’s as unique as it is exciting. This track will suck you in, and you won’t know what hit you. The word “fire” with the perfectly executed arpeggiator, and really everything about this song has so much replay value. It’ll be on repeat all weekend, for sure.

You can purchase the first single “Show Me” on iTunes. And prepare for R.LUM.R‘s upcoming EP by following on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter.

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