Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is here and as for most of my weekends, random things always end up happing. Whenever I do a Random Music Friday I like to keep it as random as possible with music from all genres and from all eras. However, today will not be the case as I will only post new music. I have been fortunate enough to have artists send me their music to post on the site and it would just be unfair to post old songs with such great talent coming in. Enjoy!

We start off with a colorful experimental/instrumental song. “In Knowing” is a playful synthetic pop tune graced with the sweet and cheerful vocals of lead vocalist Meadow Eliz that along with multi-instrumentalist Chris Clarke, Jo Sorrell in the cello and Justin Grizzof working the guitar and percussions, make up Swimming in Speakers. If you enjoy this song make sure you listen to “Near my Ear” and “Serve Them Well”

Swimming in Speakers- In Knowing

’In Knowing’


We move into a more psychedelic band called Psychedelic Disco Angels from Jersey City. Row Bong is probably the chillest psychedelic song from their their debut album “Credito O No Credito“, its mellowness is contagious reminding me of the slower songs of Mars Volta. Make sure you check out their single “Evil House” that is part of their upcoming album “Digital Power” releasing this fall,

Bow Bong – Psychedelic Disco Angels

’Bow Bong’


A funky, electronic and sprinkles of pop song gracefully made its way to my inbox titled “Hollywood Sound” from Binary artist LexiconDom. What is particular unique about this track is how well the vocals and lyrics come in to play. The electronic beat is great by itself but once you add the vocals the song become a beautiful electronic masterpiece.

LexiconDon – Hollywood Sound

’LexiconDon – Hollywood Sound’


Collider is a new Indie Rock band from San Francisco. They just released their debut album “Down in Saturines”.
Collider – Drop Out And Off

’Collider – Drop Out And Off’


How do you make a good hip/hop song sound TEN TIMES BETTER… make sure Ambience, a production team from Sweden, gets to remix it. Seriously, I had not really heard Bobby Valentinos new “Hand On Me” before I heard the remixed version and the comparison is just off the charts. They were able add their own remix without taking away the feel and emotion of the original beat. I hope to hear from these guys a lot more in the future.
Bobby Valentino – Hand On Me (Ambiance Remix)

’Bobby Valentino – Hand On Me (Ambiance Remix)’


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