Hoodie Allen
Nolan Ryan

Well, well, well. New York based half hip hop, half pop artist Hoodie Allen is hurling some fire, and he’s doing it just because he wanted to share something that he’s passionate about with his fans.

On the heels of his upcoming full-length album (due out in August) Hoodie recorded this in a hotel room in SLC while he was on tour. Utilizing a soulful backdrop fused with a monstrous bassline, the lady killer just drops a ridiculous four-verse rap that showcases his flow, even including a shout out to Chipotle. We’ll be expecting that sample on a Carnage track in the coming months.

Bout to make white girl money with burritos…what the fuck? Shouts to Chi-pot-le. Shouts to Chi-pot-le

While we know Hoodie will continue to do his poppier stuff, we’re admittedly grinning ear-to-ear at this change of pace.

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