6 Feet

Today we have a new track from UK artist Scarlxrd called “6 Feet”. From hearing Scar for the first time you can tell he falls in the category of rappers like XXXtentacion who have been inspired by other genres of music besides rap. Even with his screaming on most of his tracks you can still coherently understand the lyrics unlike other artists.

Throughout his Soundcloud Scar categories his music as Trap Metal, with heavy bass and hi-hats along with his shrieking yells his music reminds me of early Slipknot, XXXtentacion and even early Linkin Park. In the song he talks about how he’s still standing strong after being through the worst things in life. As the song goes on Scar talks about how he bottles his hatred inside; he has no tears left and he loses himself when he’s high. He even talked about leaving the love of his life though he hopes she dies.

I enjoy Scar’s music because it connects to a part in everyone that is mad at the world and depressed. But with his great production from a multitude of different producers, his lyrics which are still clear even with his Corey Taylor-esque yelling, Scar will be able to carve a core audience that will be loyal to him and his music. I suggest you look at his music videos which are very enjoyable and different. On his Soundcloud he says LXRDSZN is coming soon, whether it’s a mixtape or a full album I can’t wait to see what it entails and I hope he comes to the United States to tour.

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