On My Way ft. James Fauntleroy

Details about Drake‘s upcoming release Nothing Was The Same have been sparse, but he’s still left us with plenty to talk about with his music. “On My Way” is the fourth single we’ve heard from Drizzy in recent months, and it features a return to his classic R&B form. Drake can be quite the polarizing figure in the hip-hop/R&B scene, and to those individuals clamoring for him to stick to the rap game, Drake had this to say in a recent interview with GQ:

This is my fucking moment to say if I wanted to rap all the time, really rap, I would, but I also love to make music. I’ll do this for you right now. But it’s for me, too. It’s my story…I’m trying to get back to that kid in the basement. To say what he has to say. And I’m trying to make it last.
Sounds like Nothing Was The Same is going to turn out to be an interesting project to say the least. We’re definitely interested to see how it stacks up against Yeezus and Magna Carta Holy Grail at the end of the year. Listen to “On My Way” above, featuring R&B running mate James Fauntleroy, and if you have some time on your hands, make sure to check out at the rest of that GQ interview, as it definitely makes for a good read.

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