Something about R.LUM.R is just so relatable. The world of R&B and soul is filled to the brim with all sorts of differing messages, ranging from love to lust, political to protest, and many more. “Frustrated” touches on the effects of heartbreak through its compelling production and blunt lyrics.

One line in particular says it all:

I’m not alright, right now. I’ve never been the type that you can just abuse

R.LUM.R has no issues with expressing his exact feelings here. The emotion is clear, and the resounding instrumentation is an essential counterpart to getting his point across. There’s a striking similarity to Gallant on this tune, which actually marks a change in pace for R.LUM.R that pushes his singing range into another level that some of his previous tunes haven’t. “Frustrated” is monumental in his progression as a singer and artist, and we’re hope to hear a lot more from R.LUM.R.

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