Albuquerque-based REIGHNBEAU really takes the whole Land of Enchantment thing to heart, serving up an alluring plate of electronica, art pop, and the avant-garde from New Mexico. Visual and sound artist Bryce Hample is the brainchild of this burgeoning act, bringing along collaborators like Colleen Johnson (Twig Palace) and Madeline Johnston (Sister Grotto) to give the project added personality.

Premiering with us today, “IDEALOVE” is a delightfully weird escapade, giving way to thoughts of intricate dreamscapes where dark and light mix in beautiful consonance. Those thoughts are brought to life through calculated layering of haunting vocal samples, rolling hi-hats, and softly sung vocal harmonies, which create a textured, otherworldly experience. Simply put, expect to get blissfully lost in this tune. It’s almost impossible not to.

After you pop out of your REIGHNBEAU-induced daydream, make sure to head over and follow them on Facebook. There’s a full-length album on the way, and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

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