My Photos  Rankadank RecordsA while back we featured a very unusual remix of Lil Wayne’s I feel like dying where our friend, and halfstep drum and bass specialist, ConRank looped vocals ‘I Feel Like Dying’ over a very provocative drum and bass beat. This time around we bring you a sexy and spacy Conrank original released last week titled ‘Close Down’ and for the Biggie lovers, a relaxing remix that if you don’t fall asleep to it, it will definitely lower your blood pressure.

ConRank – Close Down (itunes amazon)

’ConRank – Close Down M.mp3′

Bonus: Conrank VS. Biggie Smalls – Juicy

’Biggie Smalls Juicy.mp3′

Rankadank Records is currently looking for demos of artists with similar style as the tracks above, if your interested hit them up here.

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