As dubstep music continues to permeate mainstream culture there have been some interesting collaborative efforts in the works lately. Among the most promising is the new team of west coast allstars Cypress Hill and Rusko. Their debut 5 song EP finally dropped this week and it has a really coherent, fresh sound. Rusko’s grimy synth bass wobbles, sharp chord stabs and heavy half time drums perfectly compliment Cypress Hill’s stoner gangster rhymes.

The first 3 tracks on the album are strait ahead dubstep hip hop fire. Although there have been plenty of remixes and bootlegs pairing rappers with dubstep beats, this is one of the first legitimate collaborations between hip hop and dubstep cultures. “Lez Go”, “Roll It, Light It” and “Shots Go Off” are future hip hop at its best with an exciting, polished sound. “Can’t Keep Me Down” delves into reggae culture with a guest appearance from the legendary Damian Marley, further developing the sound. The only track that really doesn’t fit is the final track “Medicated” which sounds like a candy raver 90’s jam with hip hop over it.

Still, the overall sound of this collaboration is unique and exciting and the live show should be kick ass as you can see from the official video for “Lez Go” below.

If you’re into it you can pick up the full EP on iTunes here.

’Rusko x Cypress – Lez Go’

’Rusko x Cypress – Roll It Light It’

’Rusko x Cypress – Cant Keep Me Down (feat Damian Marley)’

’Rusko x Cypress – Medicated (feat Young De)’
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