Beach House – Zebra (ring trick remix)


Even though we’re barely two months into 2010, Beach House‘s “Teen Dream” seems to have already made its way into many year-end lists. The group has taken the dream-pop genre to a level that almost any music fan can appreciate. Which is why I was almost disturbed to see Ring Trick remixing a song whose beauty was in its subtlety and simplicity. But then I hit the play button, and all of my hesitation was instantly wiped away. The remix builds upon the dreaminess of the original track and multiplies it, all without trying to turn it into something you would hear at the club (thank heavens). After the first few minutes of lyrical waves, theres a 10 second clip of the song as we know it. And then the remix closes out with two minutes of pure musical glory. The first time I reached the 4 minute mark in this song, I literally grinned from ear to ear. I’m happy and relieved that Ring Trick was able to rework the song in a beautiful way without bastardizing its integrity.

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