To produce a stellar remix, a DJ must either take away or add new layers in all the right places transforming the track into something that stands on its own in comparison to the original. Many fail and end up making songs that feel contrived or otherwise boring resulting in a sea of horrible remixes of the same song…in particularly, Big Boi’s “Shutterbug.” Big Boi already has a sick flow unmatched by many in hip hop, and a lot of DJ’s created an expected ravey/trancy/housey/banger remix that doesn’t necessarily work. Mochipet works with the existing beat, keeping the integrity of the original track and elevating it from 10 to 20. Its aggressiveness, give and take, build up and drop don’t take away from the track but add to it. Another example that no matter how popular and overplayed a song may get, someone out there will still find a way to make it sound fresh again. Thanks Mochipet!

Big Boi – Shutterbugg (Mochipet Remix)

’Mochipet Remix’
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