When an artist makes an amazing song, other artists want to make good remixes of said song. We all know and love Oliver, the LA producing duo whose songs are favorites everywhere they are played. And because these songs are so loved, Oliver put together a four-track EP of four of their songs remixed by a few of Oliver’s favorite artists. The first song, ‘Night Is On My Mind’, is remixed by the beloved DJ Hanzel or his twin Dillon Francis. He takes this beat and just adds a Francis twist, some drum and electronic beats mixed with some high paced melodies and this remix is one to get the feet stomping. Next is ‘Control’ remixed by Nom De Strip who rocks the original song into high gear. The beats are so quick and full of energy, a mix of razor sharp synths radiate through this song, electro house is far from dead people. The third installment is ‘MYB’ remixed by Tchami who takes the song and puts an almost jazzy/garage sound to it before the high beats take over. Another high energy remix sure to get anyone dancing. Finally, Values gives us his take on  ‘Mechanical’. Values is a new, young producer who shows us how talented he really is in this song. A little 80’s pop feel mixed with dancy beats, this remix should be in some movie, or just played as one song in the playlist for your life. All of these remixes reflect on the amazingness that is Oliver and shows just how much their music is admired among their peers.

’Oliver – Night Is On My Mind (Dillon Francis Remix)’
’Oliver – Control (Nom De Strip Remix)’
’Oliver – MYB (Tchami Remix)’
’Oliver – Mechanical (Values Remix)’
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