Sleepless (Manila Killa Remix)
Flume Feat. Jezzabell Doran

21 year old electronic Wunderkind, Flume, has seen his proverbial stock soar to unimaginable heights since an assemblage of his singles went viral in late 2011, the ultra success of his debut album hitting number-one in his native Australia (recently ousting One Direction as a matter of fact) and specifically, the gargantuan success of “Sleepless” featuring vocals from Jezzabel Doran. Since charting one of our favorite purely electronic albums of 2012 with a self-titled LP, “Sleepless” has proven to be a track with which an absurd amount of producers have gotten their hands on the stems and remixed to a near coma. Normally a remix of “Sleepless” wouldn’t grab hold of our Ninja attention span, but today’s offering from D.C. by way of the Phillipines producer Manila Killa, was a production begging not to be overlooked. Quite the eclectic remixer, Manila Killa has touched up a number of contrasting bands and producers. From Coldplay to Chromeo to The xx and now Flume, this young beat savant has shown quite an affinity for the remix game, breathing new life into every one of his impeccable selections. Manila Killa comes at “Sleepless” from a picturesque, “Nu-Gaze” angle and has delivered one of the most pure and catchiest remixes of the Aussie’s classic tune. Download the track, for the price of a ‘Facebook Like’ here, and be on the lookout for more hot sauce from Manila Killa in the not-so-distant future.

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