When Gold Panda, AKA London-born producer Derwin Panda released his debut album ‘Lucky Shiner’ last year, he couldn’t have dreamed of the critical acclaim that would be showered upon him. ‘Marriage’ is the third single off ‘Lucky Shiner’, and is a deliriously chilled anthem brimming over with surprisingly danceable rhythms. On the EP, ‘Marriage’ is remixed by four artists to great effect, but the real highlight is LA chillwaver Baths’ take on the track. His shuffling, incredibly lo-fi version makes ‘Marriage’ a truly wondrous song, and with such great yet subtle beats, this track is definitely one to relax in the sun to. Although both musicians are brilliant apart, this remix is a joyous partnership. ‘Marriage’ is featured on the ‘Marriage’ EP, out now digitally and available on limited-release 12-inch vinyl on Record Store Day (April 16) on Ghostly International Records.

Gold Panda – Marriage (Baths Remix)
Marriage (Baths Remix) by Gold Panda

Stream Entire Marriage EP below
Gold Panda: Marriage EP by Gold Panda

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