Welsh singer/songwriter Marina Lambrini Diamandis or Marina And The Diamonds, as she is more commonly known, has had a sudden rise to fame following her second place finish on the BBC’s Sound of 2010. To follow up the success and notoriety she gained back then, Marina has been serving up hearty dishes by way of well put together tracks. Her latest album, titled Family Jewels is set for an April 16th release and to keep the hype up the single “Primadonna” and all of it’s remixes have been floating around the internet in a frenzy. Burns has put out a remix of “Primadonna” that takes the song in an all but completely new direction with his atmospheric swirls and wobbles. He’s turned the track into a thoughtful breed of dubstep without taking away from the original idea. Stream below:

Marina And The Diamonds- “Primadonna” (Burns Remix)

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