If you are a gamer this is all we have been waiting for since Dubstep first came onto the scene. Massive bass heavy tunes to rage to while shredding through Halo, killing grunts and elites. This first track from Alvin Risk is a remix of “Nemesis” and features his classic high intensity filth that could scare small children. Now those small children will have no choice as they listen to this insane Electro banger in Halo 4. He even drops some “killing spree” and “infected” samples, enough said.

The next track is from KOAN Sound and features a much more mellow and melodic approach to their remix of “Green And Blue”. Using a sound design similiar to scoring for a movie, delivering uplifting and unique chords. And can’t leave out the incredible Drum work that they are so well known for. Cheers

’Halo 4 – Nemesis (Alvin Risk Remix)’
’Halo 4 – Green & Blue (KOAN Sound Remix)’
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