We’ve been really excited to finally be able bring you this news and the fruitful gifts that come with it. Talented dj/producer Andre Allen Anjos, better known as RAC, was recently signed to compose the score for upcoming film, HOLY ROLLERS. Aside from the fact that he is releasing the electronically melodic 9-track score today (to which all music ninja readers will get a discount!) RAC is also releasing If You Forget Me’ featuring Liset Alea as a single including remixes by Gigamesh, True Blue and Blue Satellite. “This song was written for a very specific scene, a turning point, a moment of great excitement and enlightenment”, RAC explain “It’s generally me doing the remixing and it was great to be on the other side and have somebody alter one of my own songs”.

Blue Satellite not only gave RAC’s creation a pair of comfortable dance shoes, but dressed it up in a vibrant electronic dress that is bound to turn heads.

RAC – If You Forget Me ft. Liset Alea (Blue Satellite Remix)

I have included both the entire score and single below (or click here to read more) and as a SPECIAL OFFER, just because Andre and I are from the same Music Ninja Dojo, the is giving all The Music Ninja readers 20% off the soundtrack from HOLY ROLLERS. Just enter ‘themusicninja’ without the quotes πŸ™‚


Buy:RAC – If You Forget Me ft. Liset Alea

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