It’s not often that our resident artist is shrouded in such mystery. The Code, however, are used to being the exception by now. Although details are sparse, one thing we can say for certain about the artist-producer duo is that they are systematically working to reinvent R&B. Their music is often a genre-bending blend of sensual vocals, hazy synths and slinky rhythms. After dropping their highly acclaimed debut  1|11 mixtape back in 2014, the UK based group are currently gearing up to release their upcoming Blue Electronica EP later this year. See if you can crack The Code yourself by sampling of some of the songs from the project below, along with a unique remix of Calvin Harris‘ “How Deep Is Your Love”.

’The Code – HDIYL’
’The Code – Electronica’
’The Code – Azure’
’The Code – F**K’
’The Code – Sedative’
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The Code