If one more stellar indie band comes from Brooklyn this year, scientists should probably start testing the water in the East Side area. With their 2009 self-titled debut under their belts, the Luke Temple-fronted quintet is ready to deliver unto us their fantastic sophomore effort, Pigeons. Significantly, where the band’s debut was essentially a Luke Temple solo project, Pigeons represents a more collaborative effort between Temple, Michael Bloch, Jen Turner, Kristina Lieberson, and Peter Hale. The record opens with the funky, pop-driven “Hibernation.” For a record with such a sleepy title, you might think that the song itself would be down tempo and subdued, but this track is quite the opposite. It’s peppered with bouncy synth lines, fast-paced drums, and a smattering of guitar. If this is what the new Here We Go Magic is to sound like, we could definitely get used to their style. Read full post at

Here We Go Magic – Casual

’03 Casual.mp3′
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