Well… holy shit! Can you say “potential song of the year”? Darth & Vader‘s astounding remix of Revolver’s “Tomorrowland” SHOULD make year-end countdowns across all music media outlets. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information on a release date for the original or remix. But, while things are hush-hush in both camps, I can talk about the 3 min 30 sec preview. Darth & Vader provide their brash and head-pounding Electro tricks around the original’s main hook. The wildly stuttered break-beats and seizure-like crescendos are dizzying and explosive, while the funkiness of the main hook shines through. Absolute perfection…and it’s only the preview!

The Brazilian guys of Darth & Vader seem to keep their biographical history on the down-low, and let the music do the talking. They’ve been releasing superb original tracks and remixes since 2010, with featured tracks like “Return of The Jedi”, “LukeSkyTampa” and a massive remix of “Hey Yo” by DJ Maxsie and Alex Speaker. As I look at their tour schedule, their fame and success may change, soon. They’re passing through North America in the coming months, and I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more of them in the near future.

Revolver – Tomorrowland (Darth&Vader Remix)

***Side note: For you sample-junkies, the main sampled hook from the track is from the 1979 stand-out single, “Wear It Out” from Disco-Funk trio, “Stargard”. It’s been a go-to sample for many House tunes over the past 3 decades.***

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To get an idea of what Darth & Vader dish out during their live shows, check out their brand new guest mix from the Lazy Rich Podcast. It’s an epic showcase of their talent. The set-list is solid from start to finish, presenting some of their favorite Electro House bangers and is worth repeat listens. Do it!

Download: Lazy Rich Show – Guest Mix From Darth & Vader (sendspace link)
Lazy Rich Show – Guest Mix From Darth & Vader by Darth & Vader

Track List

1 Imperial March Intro / Freefire – Dataloss (Darth&Vader Remix)
2 FTampa feat Xangaii – Till the end of time (Original Mix)
3 Hey Boy Hey Girl (Far Too Loud re-fix)
4 Fast Foot feat. Tory D – I Love Bass, Beers and Bitches (Darth&Vader Remix)
5 Acetronik – Make Me Feel Good (Original Mix)
6 Dirtyloud feat Sirreal – Needle (Original Mix)
7 Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory (Porter Robinson Club Remix)
8 Lazy Rich feat Lizzie Curious – Get Out (Darth&Vader Remix)
9 Slyde – Russian Girls Are Dangerous (Tim Healey’s Babushka Edit)
10 Felguk – Blow Out (Original Mix)
11 Atomic Drop – Revenge of the Geeks (Darth&Vader Remix)
12 Michael Froh – Critical Mass (Darth&Vader Remix)
13 Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix)

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