A couple of months back we saw a leak of “Aural Psynapse” make it to the internet with not much information behind it. Deadmau5 had mention on twitter that he was about to remake an old track “done right this time”. But many of them that appeared on youtube were complete fakes. “Aural Psynapse” is actually from deadmau5’s CIRCA 1998-2002 and a track that has been played heavily on his soon-ending Australian tour. This non-dubstep non-heavy pure House bliss of a track is reminiscent of old Deadmau5, our favorite mau5, before the fame and the haters, before the light shows and before EDM took a turn for the heavy Electro. Dont get me wrong, The Music Ninja enjoys the filthy, over layered electro that is taking over and is here to stay, but there has to be something said for the minimalistic, emotion educing progressive house that’s beauty and elegance came from its very simplicity. What you guys thinks?

itunes: Deadmau5 – Aural Psynapse (Original Mix)

’01 Aural Psynapse (Original Mix)o.mp3′
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