Rich Delinquent, an Australian pop phenomenon, has swiftly ascended in the music industry, gaining recognition from leading music platforms such as Euphoria, Elevator, and Earmilk. His distinctive approach, blending cyberpunk themes with an emotronic sound, sets him apart in a crowded field. The release of his EP ‘Here’s To Dystopia’ underscores his innovative vision and artistic ambition.

The EP, featuring standout tracks like “Speak Up ft. Emmy Mack” and “Chica Diablo ft. 12am,” showcases Rich Delinquent’s ability to fuse emotive storytelling with captivating melodies. His collaboration with Emmy Mack on “Speak Up” offers an introspective look at the fallout of a relationship, demonstrating his nuanced understanding of human emotions. “Chica Diablo,” in partnership with 12am, mixes future bass with rave influences, proving his skill in creating tracks that resonate on a visceral level.

His achievements extend beyond individual songs; ‘Here’s To Dystopia’ as a whole is a strong example as to Rich Delinquent’s growing influence in the pop music scene.

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