A distinctive 23- year old Canadian singer/producer compels us this week with his debut EP, “The Star Falls”. Founded by Tommy Paxton-Beesley from Toronto, he is complemented by three tuneful comrades on stage to showcase the capacity of, River Tiber.

Each song is produced by multitrack recording vocals, instruments, sounds and samples, and it is best enjoyed in a calmer, quieter environment to appreciate the reflective qualities conveyed throughout the EP.  The unhurried progressions of shadowy undertones are overlaid with haunting vocals to produce a sole electronic resonance.

Take a brisk evening saunter, and enjoy “The Star Falls”, as you watch the smoke materialize when your exhalation meets the wintry atmosphere.

If you’d rather stay indoors, you can enjoy “The Stars Fall” music video on screen, shot by the crew themselves.

’The Star Falls’
’The City’
’What Are You Afraid Of’
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