As if pre-determined by the Music Gods themselves, The Fashion EP is a big, bright, shimmering ball of road trip perfection worthy of a few tanks of gas, some sunflower seeds, ice cold red bulls, and a few good friends. That’s right. It’s that time of the year. It’s time to pile into a car and head out on an adventure. Whether that adventure is with your special someone, just the boys, or a mix of both, NY-based Stargazy has you covered as far as music goes. You might even hit them up for gas money, but we doubt they’ll chip. Unless you invite them along, that is.

Dropping earlier today. this five song EP is primed and ready to flood your car speakers with mile-moving, smile-inducing happiness that will be loved by anyone who listens. Boasting glimmering, waivering guitar chords, upbeat percussion work and catchy hooks, these tunes are all too easy to get caught up in.

One of our favorite parts of this shoe gaze influenced indie rock record was the spacey bridges that connect verses effortlessly with dreamy basslines. Couple in the powerful vocals from lead singer Michael Romano, and you have a familiar blend of classic indie rock acts such as Mew, As Tall as Lions, and even Minus the Bear at times.

Comprised of members Michael Romano (Lead Vocals, guitar), Jared Lindbloom (Vocals, keys), Michael Panico (Guitar, keys), Alex Shifrin (Bass), Brian Garbedian (Drums), Rocco Romanelli (Auxiliary percussion), this six piece has a sound that’s perfect for whatever lies ahead for you this summer. Make sure to like them on facebook to stay up to date with everything they have going on.

’Half Life’
’Soft Words’
’The Fashion’
’Golden Hour’
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