Some people like to fill their winters with uplifting indie rock, shimmery folk, and groovy, warm-weather beats. Something about the music that usually goes with the sunnnier months helps get them through the bitter cold spell from November to March. However, there are some that approve of the grey skies, and choose to get lost in some of the more serious, somber, and often melancholy lyrics as a way of embracing the icy chill. If you fall into the second category, “Pale Lung” should become one of your new favorites.

Guernsey-based pop singer/songwriter Robyn Sherwell is breathing emotive intensity into each thoughtfully crafted lyric in her latest release. Her honeyed vocals carry effortless over the subdued instrumentals, allowing us and everyone else to to focus on her passionate approach. When asked about this release, Sherwell had this insight to share:

It’s about falling for someone you’re not supposed to fall for. I had this experience a few years back and wrote “Pale Lung.” It summarizes that specific mix of guilt and desire at that moment you first realize and admit to yourself there is a powerful spark with someone you can’t or probably shouldn’t pursue. The song still feels like telling a secret, same as it did when I wrote it.

This tune follows up on “Islander,” which has racked up 140k plays on Spotify in few month’s time. If you haven’t checked it out just yet, we’ve included it for your listening pleasure.

’Pale Lung’
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