Memories can be powerful reminders of the past for many of us, and for four piece rock band Episode, one was the catalyst for their awesome new single ‘Swim’.

Lead singer Daniel Lonner sings of a haunting experience of losing consciousness underwater when he was young; exploring just how fragile life is, and how some things that appear so strong in this world can slip away so easily. Their sound shares qualities with the likes of ‘Kings of Leon’, whilst consisting of authentically powerful drum grooves by Brett Daniels, and Eric Sherman’s infectious guitar riffs, followed by an uplifting and ethereal solo! This is all solidified with the crisp and warm tone of the bass, played by Giovanni Thatcher; thereby culminating this fantastic dynamic as a group.

Having formed 2 years ago these guys have been working closely with producer Rex Kudo in LA, and recording tracks in their hometown New York, where they wrote ‘Swim’ and created the forthcoming EP “Late Night Episode”, said to be released on the 22nd February.

Episode are undoubtedly heading in the right direction, and we can’t wait to hear what the EP throws at us!

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