At times dubstep tracks can get a bit too harsh, monotonous and futuristic sounding while lacking direction and a sense of heritage, which is why it is so refreshing to hear Rusko‘s latest effort to break the mold. With his new full length album, “Songs”, released on Mad Decent/Downtown Recordings, he simultaneously pays homage to the roots of the dubstep movement while pushing things forward into new dimensions. His intro explains that his intention is to take what lives in his heart and use it to push boundaries and experiment with new sounds while still building on the foundation of it all. Perhaps the best example of this spirit is the track “Skanker” which we just so happen to have a free download of for you to enjoy. Utilizing reggae vocals and grooves as a foundation, Rusko then builds the new school dubstep sounds he has pioneered on top of the mix with some wobbles, some lazers and some very groovy percussion to keep it moving along. You can envision Rusko leading a futuristic reggae band with electronic instrumentation Bob Marley never imagined.

As the album progresses there is a feeling of linear movement from one track to the next, a rare but totally necessary touch in our post-modern world of endless singles and the ipod shuffle. “Pressure” and “Whistle Crew” explore a hip-hop-meets-jazz vibe with a pop lean while “Opium” and “Asda Car Park” move into the future rave sound with some odd samples (lions roaring and such) thrown in for color. “Love No More”, “Roll Da Beats” and “Mek More Green” take it back to the roots reggae style while “Dirty Sexy” has more of an electro pop feel to it. Finally, on “Thunder” and “M357” Rusko even delves into a unique take on trance music with an uptempo dubstep twist. All in all I feel he achieved what he set out to do by creating a coherent body of work that explores new sounds while showcasing the many influences he draws inspiration from. Be sure to pick up your copy of “Songs” on iTunes here and show some support for one of the kings of the dubstep movement.

Download: Rusko – Skanker

’Rusko – Skanker’

Rusko – M357

’14 M357.mp3′

Rusko Opium

’06 Opium.mp3′
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