Playful Trumpets, quirky Trombones, catchy harmonies and stunning female vocals that overshadow most current pop singers. These are just few of the things the eight member indie group out of Brooklyn, Rubblebucket, does so eloquently well. Their eclectic style combines pop and rock influences all the while creating a complexity of instrumental arraignments that will make your jaw drop. With each song having such a rich melodic profile, it is with no surprise that RAC was one of the best candidates to create a remix of their song ‘Silly Fathers’ of their recently released album Omega La La . Rac was able to strip away many of the original instrumentation for a much cleaner progression of calypso sounding melodies that sound perfect for a shinny summer day. And Yes, this remix still makes use of their beloved trumpets because after all, what is a Rubblebucket song without them? Enjoy!

Download: Rubblebucket – Silly Fathers (RAC Remix)


Download Original: Rubblebucket – Silly Fathers


Bonus Download: Rubblebucket – Came Out of a lady

’Came Out of a lady’
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