Ryan Vail

Etchings of a person’s entire life can be experienced with the right song. Ryan Vail‘s second offering off of his debut LP, For Every Silence, brings together his family, his past, and his ability to wrench every iota of emotional gravity out of minimal instrumentation. The true power of “Mirrors” lies within Vail’s propensity to mesh electronic and classical music in such a way that the two naturally weave into something beautiful.

Inspired by the storied past of a family heirloom piano that dates all the way back to 1927, Ryan Vail explores all of the motivating facets in his life up this point and builds them into his own world of resounding sonic bliss. For Every Silence will be released April 1st, and, if “Mirrors” is any indication, this project will find its footing as a memorable exploration into a very talented individual’s story.

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