So moombahton pioneer Munchi has just released his new Rotterdam Juke EP for free on his blog. The EP see’s Munchi explore his sound and this track, Andando, really got my attention. The intro features the legendary merengue guitarist Eladio Romero Santos who passed away in 2001, and the rest track is full of good slasa vibes!

Munchi himself put a great description on his soundcloud about this track:

“I tried to just keep it minimal and just vibing, just in time for the summer! When u on the road or just chillin on the beach, looking around and just being like: fuck, im feeling good today nigga.”

So pop those flowery shorts on over to the beach with this track blaring out your Boombox!

Download: Munchi – Andando

’Munchi – Andando.mp3′

And another one of our favorites he released a couple of months ago in “Moombahton Massive EP II”.
Munchi – Gracias

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