It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from Denver based, Berklee School of Music trained TNERTLE and now we know why. If your memory serves you correctly, which it probably doesn’t after your weekend festivities, we wrote up this groovy two-piece electronica act almost a year ago. Something about Colorado style, electro-hop production caught our ear, and we’ve been hooked ever since.

Just a few days back, Trent Campbell and Kyle Ayervais put out this aptly named Greens EP, more than likely giving a nod to recent events in Colorado legislature. With Campbell laying down smooth and sometimes funky basslines and controlling the midi, Ayervais adds his flair with laid back drum work that’s worthy of any Sunday chill sesh.

These two keep progressing as artists, continually developing their craft. After seeing their live shows, we can tell you that things are only looking up for this young, Denver outfit.

’Twelve Days To The City’
’Late Nites’
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