The much-anticipated full album “Every Fantasy” by the electronic duo Scarlet Veil has been released, marking the culmination of an impressive rollout that began in December 2023. Over nearly five months, Brandi (Sodie) and Jerrod (WARLOK) captivated listeners with bi-weekly single releases, each building momentum and anticipation for this expansive collection.

The journey started with “Sunder,” setting the stage for standout tracks like “Enshaedn,” “Strings,” “Repose,” “Kraken,” “Spirit Caller,” and “Fervent Sigil.” Each track contributed a unique thread to the complex soundscape that defines “Every Fantasy,” showcasing the duo’s creative depth and narrative skill.

“Fervent Sigil,” the latest single, presents a deep, resonant bass paired with ethereal sounds, highlighting Scarlet Veil’s ability to blend cinematic elements with robust electronic rhythms. “Spirit Caller” features a moody melody and live drums, drawing listeners into a mystical realm. “Kraken” explores darker themes with an intense introduction and atmospheric synths, embodying the duo’s distinctive style.

“Enshaedn” captures the essence of Scarlet Veil’s vision, inspired by fantasy literature, while “Repose” revisits their witch house origins with a unique structure. “Strings” brings an energetic pace, pushing the boundaries of their established motifs.

Scarlet Veil’s dedication to storytelling and world-building is evident throughout “Every Fantasy,” inviting listeners to explore something truly new. This album reflects a long journey that is now immortalized forever on. Beautiful.

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