There is a good chance a song is going to be ridiculous when there are two air horn drops in the first 30 seconds–but don’t be scared, Nicki Minaj will be your savior as strong dub bass hits will deliver you from evil. Though the original “Letting Go” from Sean Kingston ft. Nicki Minaj is standard auto-tuned, radio fare, this mix by Kingdom ditches the repetitive chorus, slows it down to dubspeed, and makes the beat count. More fire from Nicki Minaj, less Sean Kingston–a very nice upgrade.

Brooklyn-based Kingdom, whose “That Mystic” EP was released in July by Night Slugs, has been pumping out originals and clean remixes like “Letting Go” (Kingdom Dub) since 2006. His newest remix of Sleigh Bells’ “Tell ‘Em” further proves that he’s not afraid to sometimes “fix what ain’t broke” and achieve great results.

Kingdom’s Dub version of “Letting Go” is clearly a massive upgrade to the original and will definitely leave you swaying–even with the air horns.

Sean Kingston – Letting Go ft. Nicki Minaj (Kingdom Dub)

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