Sebastien Benett
Lutece (Original Mix)

Every now and then, we come across songs that immediately send us back to our favorite festival moments. Whether it be under the electric sky at EDC or beneath the Sahara Tent at Coachella, there are those certain gems on the internet that flip our switch to ‘turned on’. What can we say? Festival season gets the blood pumpin’. Now before we get ahead of ourselves, we just want you to know that we are completely aware that it is still the beginning of the week and most of you are still on your first cup of coffee or barely hitting the snooze button. First things first – skip the snooze, put down the cup of Joe down, and prepare for the biggest wake up call from electro house enthusiast, Sebastien Benett.

Having been dubbed as DJ Snake’s musical protégé, Sebastien continues to provoke us all with his aggressive approach to dance music. Today we are premiering his intense new banger, “Lutece”, and this one is guaranteed to make you want to learn the art of snake charming. The track starts off with an enticing synth lead that progressively builds up into an intense breakdown full of Arabian madness. There’s a reason we chose Arabian snake charming to describe “Lutece” and the only way you’ll understand is by pressing play. Also, please do not go out and play around with some snakes in hopes of hypnotizing them to do some cool dance moves…that definitely won’t end well.

Make sure to pre-order your copy of Sebastien Benett’s track, “Lutece” on iTunes (out on May 6th) so you can blow everyone’s minds with your immaculate taste in party music. You’ll be taking hipster to the next level, so buy it before it’s not cool anymore.

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