Take a singer with hauntingly beautiful lyrics and mix her sound together with an artist known for his unique sounds ranging from bass to juke to techno and what do you get? A stunning song that captivates from the very first note until the very last lyric. Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow collaborates with Hannah Cartwright, better known as Augustus Ghost, to make this one of a kind song. These two take their unmistakable musical talents and join to make Snow Ghosts with their debut album to be released on June 17th called “A Small Murmuration”. This first picturesque song off that album, “Murder Cries” is a visual video that starts with the strong sultry voice of Ghost over the selective sounds from Snow. Snow mixes guitar and violin to start the song before exposing an electronic melody that sweeps like strong waves against the shore through the rest of the song. The lyrics are equally eloquent painting a story with each word. Snow and Ghost make a fearsome duo that will surely flourish with their debut album.

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