’Sick Individuals – Shock’

Not too long ago, we had the opportunity to do a spontaneous Q&A with Jim from Sick Individuals while they were out in Miami for Miami Music Week. We learned a lot in this 10 minute interview about their life on tour, their new release, and Jim’s burning desire to know how many children Ray wants to have one day.

TMN: Hey Jim! Thanks for giving us a few minutes of your time to talk with us! I can tell you’re definitely somewhere fun. How’s the Miami scene treating you so far?

J: No problem! Ray and I are having a lot of fun over here. We have been meeting a lot of our close producer friends and having a blast. This place is crazy – have you ever been?

TMN: That sounds like absolute madness. Personally, no, I have never been to Miami, but it sounds like the place to be! I’ll be out there for sure next year to experience the chaos firsthand – but we’ll all have to get a beer first. 

J: (Laughs) Sounds like a great plan to us!

TMN: (Giggles) Speaking of you and Ray, how did you guys link up?

J: We met back at the School of Arts back home and realized that we worked really well together so we started producing back in 2010. Ray and I have the same goals as far as music goes, so we thought we’d try it out and we think it has been the right decision (laughs).

TMN: We think so too. Did you two play any instruments growing up? It seems like most of today’s producers started young!

J: Oh of course, it definitely helps having a musical background as a producer. I started playing the piano when I was 7 years old and Ray played the guitar.

TMN: Rad. Two of the greatest instruments out there! So, you guys just came out with a song, “Rock & Rave” – did you make multiple edits of this track?

J: Well, we made an extended version that has really long breakdowns with an upbeat melody which added more emotion to the track. We also made a shorter club edit that has a heavy, big room sound to it because that’s what gets people going at the end of the night.

’Sick Individuals –  Rock & Rave’

TMN: That’s pretty neat that you guys took this track and created two different versions to please people on both the emotion scale and the party scale. We can respect that over here! Alright, we have a few more fun questions for you so you two don’t miss out on the parties going on over there. What do you and Ray do to stay healthy while on the road?

J: Thanks, we appreciate that. Well, first off, in the beginning of a tour we don’t drink at all. We like to conserve our energy since we know that there are going to be a lot of shows to get through and those get to be tiring if you over do it during the first half of a tour. It usually isn’t until the very end of a tour where we become party animals. Our bodies thank us. Also, I [Jim] love ginger, so I try to add that to my meals as much as possible. That’s healthy, right?

TMN: More than healthy, Jim. You’re doing it the right way. What’s your favorite color? Please don’t say black.

J: (Laughs) Actually, my favorite color is blue, but I like to wear black since it goes with everything.

TMN: Do you ever have those days where you can’t find the right black t-shirt to wear?

J: (Laughs) Always. It becomes challenging at times, but I make do with what I find.

TMN: Last question, Jim – are there any questions you’ve always wanted to ask Ray but felt it was too embarrassing to ask?

J: *5 minutes of deep thinking* Hmm…we already know a lot about each other, but if I had to ask him one thing it would be how many babies does he want to have. That’s a good question, right?

TMN: Good enough for us! Thanks so much for doing this interview so last minute. We wish you guys the best this year. Cheers!

J: Thank you so much! See you out here soon enough!

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