Instantly hypnotised, we fall into a trance guided by his faultless vocal harmonies, as Matt Corby finds us subdued by this wave of ambiance. His angelic approach to ‘Monday’ undoubtedly includes gospel elements, a genre in which he was massively influenced by at a young age in Australia.

The bellowing kick drum is an empowering pendulum, accompanied by unified claps, offering an authentic rawness within the song. This organic style of music is amplified by the use of a loop-station, allowing Matt to layer his soulful vocals and instruments in order to achieve complex textural patterns, the beauty of which can be perfectly re-produced throughout a live performance. He sings of losing faith in The Bible and states “Monday is about being able to appreciate where you are, and thinking that maybe you don’t need anything much to depend on, you just need to accept what’s going on right now”. The recurring falsetto pattern within the vocal melody, provides a pleasing release from elements of tension amidst his lyricism, as he completely sits back into the song, re-addressing the fundamental idea of accepting life as it is.

Born in Sydney, Matt made his official stamp on the industry at the young age of 18 when he travelled to London, having felt bewildered and directionless towards his late teens. His music is honest and organic, manipulating his magnificent vocals and creating awesome sounds and tones, such as within a crowd favourite, ‘Brother’. Therefore it’s fantastic to recognise that this authenticity has been retained throughout his most recent work, whilst realising an assured maturity as an artist.

Matt Corby will be performing worldwide over the coming months, to which I highly recommend you all attend; I know I’ll be heading over in London! Check out the link below for dates and locations!

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