Will Joseph Cook

Whilst still basking in the height of summer it’s almost essential to find your own chilled song to indulge into on the beach, and Will Joseph Cook certainly has this! Together with his perfectly crafted guitar hooks, and organic vocals, it’s difficult to pull yourself away onto other music.

Having seen him play live in the UK in June, I was interested in discovering where Will would progress in the preceding months. Songs such as ‘Streets of Paris’ and ‘Message’ encapsulate his naturally rich voice, and his lyrics are almost familiar to us as an audience, despite hearing them for the first time. Originally from Tunbridge Wells in the South of England, the 19 year-old embodies an image of authenticity, by addressing relatable/genuine subjects, and cleverly combining light-hearted vocal hooks with pleasingly laid-back, yet infectious drum beats.

Cook has released his new EP “Proof Enough” on August 11th under Atlantic Records, and here’s the third release from this EP called ‘Hearse’. It’s impossible not to tap or hum along, especially throughout the insanely addictive chorus, so I’d play it through a set of speakers, this way at least you won’t be the only one!

He’ll be playing at The Lexington (London) on September 14th, which I undoubtedly recommend if you’re looking for a relaxed gig, plus an exciting up and coming artist; bound to be releasing some awesome new material in the future!

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