Sleepers' Reign
King Into Delight

We were only a minute through “King Into Delight” when we realized we had something exceptional on our hands. The radiating glow of calculated layers are more than enough to rope any listener in, but what follows is what will keep you coming back again and again.

This wonderfully otherworldly listening experience is coming your way via the Belgian-based experimental-pop group known as Sleepers’ Reign, who are getting ready to release their debut album come September through Sialia Records.

While we haven’t been privy to the rest of the collection, “King Into Delight” should be more than enough to pique your interest with its gorgeous mixture of psychedelic atmospherics and catchy-as-hell pop sensibilities. At times, you’ll find they flirt with nuances of acts like Mew and Passion Pit, while still maintaining their own unique sound.

The album is about sincere, honest issues that everybody has to deal with on their road to maturity. A willingness to expose oneself poetically, without making it any bigger than it really is, that is what it is about. – Sleeper’s Reign

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