Hey remember back in the days of early 2000 rap when it seemed like every artist was teaming sick rhymes with an even doper indian or Panjabi MC beat *cough* Jay-Z “Beware”*cough*. There is just something about the mix that has clubs and people everywhere hype. Newcomers to the game and Milwaukee natives The Cranberry Show capture this same club feel with their latest promo single, appropiately titled “Slumdog”. The duo raps about two hustlers trying to make it by stealing, conning, and panhandling American tourists while the Smash Boiz bass heavy, Punjabi-inspired beat with a little Drake sample has you on your feet or at least nodding your head. This track is both infectious and dope and the duo has enough charisma on it to make you want to hear more. Their digital album Paranormal Karaoke is out now.

’The Cranberry Show – Slumdog’
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