Quality Goods Records is known for pushing the envelope. Like, actually pushing it, not just saying they are. Part of their mission to expand the borders of bass music and give rise to upcoming talent consists of their compilations. Two have come through and now they’re on their third, set to be released on February 16th. A day ahead of release we’ve got an exclusive stream for you of SMASHA‘s single on the project called “TightRope.”

The DC producer went in on this one. Upon first listening there was no way we could pass on premiering this one in the dojo. “TightRope” is a hybrid heater whose rhythms are going to melt your brain and have it leaking out of your head onto the floor. It’s so clean and yet so dirty. SMASHA’s got something special on his hands here and we hope to hear more from him soon! Enjoy the exclusive stream and make sure to pre-save the compilation on Spotify!

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