With so many artists putting out remix after remix, the music scene has become a bit predictable. Sometimes though, an artist comes along and does something you would never expect. “Strobe,” one of Deadmau5‘s most well known tracks, becomes a blank canvas fit for the work of Paris duo, Alesia. Not much is known about these guys other than the fact that they love to make music when they’re not too busy eating baguettes (see their Facebook). Despite this, they need to be recognized for their work here. Alesia mutated “Strobe” into an organic and intensely heartfelt piece that makes you feel emotions you never though were possible through the medium of music. And just when you begin to think this symphonic conundrum couldn’t be more unpredictable, the song climaxes into an epic fit of electro bliss.

’Deadmau5 – Strobe (Alesia Score Edit)’
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