So here is the complete story about this track many other blogs did not get right:

Mau5trap’s recording artist Sofi (most known for her vocals on deadmau5’s ‘Sofi Needs a Ladder’) did a collaborative track with Skrillex about a year back for her new single “Bring Out the Devil. However, much to everyone’s surprise, Skrillex had his hard drive stolen a few months back and you can assure pretty much everything hit the Internet instantly, she explains to MTV News:

“The tragic story is that we recorded the track about a year ago and his (Skrillex’s) hard drive was stolen, his computer, everything he had was stolen in Italy. He called up Kill the Noise and was like, ‘Hey, can you save the day and reproduce the track?’ And he did,” Sofi told MTV News. “And it was amazing!”

As a true dubstep hero, Kill the Noise come aboard giving this leaked track a much needed facelift. It is actually quite refreshing that this happend because the track just sounds completely mental now. Everything happens for a reason right?

“Bring Out the Devil” was released independantly included in Part 2 of Sofi‘s Locked and Loaded EP.

Sofi – Feat. Skrillex – Bring Out the Devil (Original Mix)

’Sofi – Feat. Skrillex – Bring Out the Devil (Original Mix).mp3′
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