Music, whether its a simple sweet lullaby to a heavy metal grunge, always has some type of emotional component that can enhance or alter your mood. Listening to Jack Johnson usually makes me relax as I drink a cold beer, Deadmau5 makes me want to lose my shit and party but never before have I felt so freaking weird while listening to a song. A chilling narrative, and even creepier woman singing opera in the background and a daunting electronic beat that makes you look back just to make sure no one is there. Yet, I cannot stop listening to it. Every single time I play it once, I have to play it twice. Creepiness aside, Monster From The Id by David Rose is an amazing song.

Monster From The Id – David Rose

”Monster From The Id”

Monster From The Id is dedicated to lovers of Forbidden Planet and John Carpenter. When I asked David Rose how he would even describe his music… I found his response very accurate:

I would describe my songs as stereo landscapes crafted to evoke
unusual emotions. I am more interested in creating unique sounds that
alter the human state of consciousness than making drunk people dance.

For more songs from him check out his myspace:

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