To celebrate Halloween we’ve gathered in the dojo for a special premiere from Soul Bandit! One song just wasn’t enough – we’ve got her entire EP, Alone In Life, Together in Death, to share with you on top of some exciting news for those of you in the LA area!

Aside from celebrating Halloween today, Soul Bandit is hosting a “soulebration” for the release of her EP. The free even will be at The Love Song Bar on Main Street in LA. There you’ll be able to get the full Soul Bandit experience, but here in the dojo we’re warming up for the party.

Alone In Life, Together in Death comes in at four tracks long. Soul Bandit showcases her dark, electro pop sound with a concept EP that is not your typical, simple collection of songs. It’s a tale through the afterlife conceived in song by one of pop’s most unique talents. Enjoy the exclusive stream below and see just what Soul Bandit had to say about the project herself.

The title of the EP is as morbid as you interpret it to be. I frequently think about how, despite surrounding ourselves with people, we essentially spend our entire lives alone. We are left to our own devices trying to express our thoughts, feelings, and our individual identities through words and actions. But unfortunately, no one will ever be in our minds with us to truly understand who we are and the realities that we are experiencing. But if we live – regardless of the life we live – we must all eventually experience a death. And death is simply that – death, no matter how look at it. We’re no longer present in this plane of existence, in human form, and that’s all we know. That’s all we can agree on. Everyone looks at a corpse as a corpse, and the corpse thinks nothing at all.

So, alone in life, together in death.

’The Beginning’
’Now That You’re Gone’
’Time’s Up’
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